Naia Sofia Frost

I fell in love with yoga several years ago and it affected my internal energy in a way which is hard to describe. Now, I absolutely love to share my passion for yoga, meditation and well-being and notice the effect, which spreads to my participants in my classes. It is very rewarding to me. The contact and the connection I experience in my classes is so positive and uplifting and makes me very grateful.

At one point years ago, I decided to expand my horizon and bring even more happiness into my worklife and not just my daily life. 

So now I spend a great deal of my energy and passion on spreading and sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga, dance and mindfulness/meditation.

I have been a school teacher for over 17 years and have been teaching in some way for over 25 years. I am a certified translator, a language teacher in English and French, certified yoga instructor, NLP Master, mindfulness instructor, dance teacher and sports counsellor. I have been teaching yoga for app. 6 years and absolutely love it.On top of that, I have taken courses and workshops in guided

meditation, NLP, yin-yoga, didactics, psychology and Learning and Leading. 

So when I don´t teach languages, I find a lot of pleasure in teaching yoga, mindfulness and dance.

I also enjoy organizing luxurious og uniquely curated retreats, where the focus is on opening up for transformation both physically and mentally. My retreats are planned all over the world in beautiful locations. 

It is my dear interest in especially yoga and meditation, which has planted a seed years ago and now has blossomed into Sense of Savour. 

I am also a proud mother of three adorable children and I live in the beautiful area of Holte near Copenhagen in Denmark.

Education and training

Tony Grahn                                              Workshop - Refocus method

Yoga Medicine - Tiffany Cruikshank              Yoga Anatomy Training

Misty Tripoli, Cph.                                    Groove - designer training

Susanne Wexø                                         Mentor in guided meditation

Groove-center, Berlin                                 Groove dance instructor

Susanne Wexø                                         Mindfulness mentor

Prana Yoga Shala                                     Yin-yoga workshop

My Yoga                                                 RYT200 Yoga Alliance Intuitive yoga teacher

Roxana Kia                                              Intens Inner Peace-retreat, Roxana Kia

Anthony Robbins                                       UPW-seminar, Anthony Robbins, London

Frederiksberg University                              School teacher education

NLP-Huset                                                NLP Master, NLP Practitioner

Niels Brock                                              Course studies in Learning and Cooperation and Psychology

L´Université de Provence                             French studies

Copenhagen School of Commerce               Business translator English and French

Gerlev Sports school                                  Instructor in movement and outdoors


Current cooperation

The Danish State Police

Kurhotel Skodsborg

Soul Alchemy

Skovshoved School

FOF community center

Virum Physiotherapist - Click on the logo to go to their website

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Naia Sofia Frost



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